We will be back

19 Oct

It’s a crazy year in the NFC South, and we’ll be back to talk about it as soon as Stuart’s life returns to some semblance of normalcy. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Jaxon’s work at Cat Scratch Reader, Adam’s work at The Falcoholic, and Eric’s work at The Pigskin Report. You can find Stuart here and there, too.

NFC South Report #13

10 Sep


Running time: Approximately 28 minutes

I’ve been having a (sleepless) blast on paternity leave, but it’s made it hard to get a podcast recorded. Here’s part one of our 2-part season preview, in which we discuss the Bucs with Eric Schmidt and bring in a special guest, Andrew Juge, to catch me up on the Saints. We hope to preview the Panthers and Falcons in the next week, as well as review games, etc. It’s all dependent on how much time my newborn daughter permits me…

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I’d also like to thank Andrew Juge for being a guest panelist this week. You can check out his excellent work at The Saints Nation. I read his player grades every week, and you should, too. You can also follow him on Twitter via @GoSaintsNation.

We also have the over-unders for the Bucs and Panthers on our Facebook Page, so go vote over there!

NFC South Report #12

18 Aug


Running time: approximately 51 minutes

In this episode, we break down the first preseason games for the Falcons, Saints, and Bucs (sorry Panther fans…Jaxon couldn’t make it!), discuss the Saints’ over-under, and talk about the SEC and Texas A&M a bit, and discuss what a terrible SEC polygamist Stuart is. Among other things.

This week’s Facebook page poll┬áis about the Saints’ over-under, so make sure you head over there and vote. Also, please consider helping us out by subscribing to the show in iTunes, reviewing the show in iTunes (*****!), or by becoming a sponsor.


The NFC South Report is on Facebook! And Tumblr!

9 Aug

We are now joining the hottest websites of 2008. You can become a fan on our Facebook page, where we’ll post occasional EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!, such as the world debut of the theme song for an upcoming segment that’s up there now. We’ll also have polls, etc. So get right on it!

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NFC South Report #11

4 Aug


Approximate running time: 70 minutes

We’re thrilled to be back with the first episode of the second season of the NFC South Report! Like what you hear? Please subscribe in iTunes, rate us in iTunes (may I recommend 5 stars?), and tell all of your friends to do the same. You can also consider becoming a producer of the show, which is a fun way to help us out.

In this episode, we catch up on the crazy free agency period, talk about the major comings and goings for each team, and discuss the strange attractiveness of Zach Strief. Enjoy!


Eric’s article on why Saints fan should not lament the loss of Reginald (written pre-Darren Sproles).

Coming Back Soon

1 Aug

The second season of the NFC South Report will be kicking off in the next week or so…come back to this site or follow Stuart on Twitter for more info. Let’s get ready for some football!

UPDATE: Looks like we’ll be recording our next episode this Wednesday and releasing it on Thursday. We may or may not be broadcasting live. I’ll announce on Twitter once I know for sure.

UDATE 2: No live broadcast this week. The show will be available on iTunes and this website on Thursday. Thanks for your patience!

NFC South Report #10

7 May


Approximate running time: 49 minutes

In this episode, Eric and Stuart review the NFL draft, critique the NFC South’s performance in the draft, and spend a whole lot of time wondering why the Falcons would trade so much for a rookie receiver.


Eric’s NFC South Draft Grades

Grandmaster Wang’s Saints draft review

NFC South Report #9

27 Apr


Approximate running time: 83 minutes

We’re back! Sort of! In this episode, Eric and Stuart talk about the NFL Draft, break down each NFC South team’s needs, and rant about Roger Goodell’s recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Links related to this episode:

Eric’s new website: The Pig Skin Report

Goodell’s op-ed

Eric’s article on Goodell’s op-ed

Stuart’s article on Goodell’s op-ed

NFC South Report Episode 8

31 Jan


Running time: approximately 58 minutes

Here’s episode 8 of the NFC South report, in which we discuss the Super Bowl, Panthers coaching changes, the future of Drew Brees, and more. As always, thanks for listening, and stay tuned to NFCSouthReport.com for an announcement about the next show.

UPDATE: A listener points out that I (Stuart) misremembered the Drew Brees/Kenny Wilkerson flop. Wilkerson reported that Brees had a fracture and a torn meniscus, not just the sprain situation. So, feel free to ignore that part of the show. Thanks, Ryan!

The NFC South Report Returns Tonight!

26 Jan

We’re back live, tonight (January 25th) at 9:30 E/8:30 Central. Join the fun over on the Live Page.